Children and Emotions

How much is too much?….control

My mom and I had a long car ride this weekend, she is a teacher also (first grade), so we got to talking about behaviors in the classroom. We have quite a few friends that are teachers or work in a school setting and if feels like everyone has been talking about how behavior problems… Continue reading How much is too much?….control


Attention span: have you thought about it lately?

I learned so much from taking the RIE foundations course. There were so many things I did not know before the course or did not think about that much. One piece of information I didn’t think enough about before was an infant’s attention span. Magda Gerber states “It’s a misconception that babies have short attention… Continue reading Attention span: have you thought about it lately?

Building Relationships

Connections and Acknowledgements

As you can tell, I’ve been thinking a lot about acknowledgment. This is something that I struggle with, especially in the moments when a child gets upset about something I believe is silly. Thanks to great books, Magda Gerber’s work, and the wonderful people around me I have been able to work on acknowledging child’s… Continue reading Connections and Acknowledgements

Children and Emotions

Distractions: at what cost?

To follow up with my post about telling a crying child “you’re okay”, I wanted to think about distractions. This is when we say to a crying child “oh here are some blocks let’s build” or “look at the birds outside” when we really know they are not in the mind set to play. We… Continue reading Distractions: at what cost?

Children and Emotions

You are okay!: Is this really helpful and who are we saying this to?

When I hear a baby or toddler cry I feel a change in myself. It maybe a feeling of panic, an intense feeling to save the child or one of frustration (ugh I just gave you a piece of pear and you threw it on the floor! Now you’re crying because you want it back).… Continue reading You are okay!: Is this really helpful and who are we saying this to?