Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Becky and I work with infants and toddlers. I graduated with a degree in early childhood education in 2012 and once I started working I discovered my passion for professional development. I love attending conferences, meeting other infant/toddler caregivers and learning new things about education.

On my first Day of Dialog conference, in 2013, I left feeling so inspired and with an intense feeling that I have a calling to do something BIG in the world of infant/toddler care. I’m not sure exactly what this work is but starting this blog is helping me to figure it out. Maybe the blog is my big work? My plan is to share my experiences and thoughts throughout my never-ending journey to becoming the best infant/toddler Educarer(R)  I possibly can be.

Through the wonderful people around me and conferences I attended I discovered the amazing work of Magda Gerber (to learn more about Magda and her work click the Resources for Infant Educarers (R) tab in the menu bar). I completed the Resources for Infant Educarers (R) foundations course in 2013 and since then have felt even more inspired to find out what my big work is. I’m currently working on my practicum in Group Care with RIE(R). Most of the information I will be posting is from books that I read during the foundations course, books I’m reading for my practicum, what I learned in the course and from the people around me. My posts are ideas I’m still working on and by writing about them it helps me understand these big ideas better. My post will also remind me of why I want to and need to be intentional in my care giving approach to  and keep me accountable for actually being intentional.

I hope you find these posts helpful in the work you do with young children. Please, please, please comment, share your stories and ask questions; each time you comment you will be teaching me something. I don’t want to miss out on any learning opportunities. I know your thoughts will help me to rethink my view points and get closer to figuring out what my big work is. I hope you will join me on this journey to becoming a better educarer(R) and discovering what my big work is. Maybe you will find yours!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Becky,
    I am SO thankful to have ran across your blog! I have taken care of infants for almost 15 years and have worked at a facility that I LOVE for 2 years. In that time I have really felt a push to learn as much as I can about infants. I stumbled across Magda Gerber in one of my textbooks and I am such an fan of her teaching. I am always looking to connect with other educarers and compare stories- learn from one another!
    I look forward to reading your blog and hopefully we can learn from one another.


    1. Yay! Rachel, I’m so thankful you shared your story and have read some of my posts. I strongly believe that infant and toddler teachers really need to come together, connect and think about their work with each other. We have such a special and important job and we need a strong community and support system! Oh we will definitely learn together and from each other. Please keep up the comments and great work 🙂

      Thank you again!


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