Technology and tots: some ideas from Priceless Parenting

Tots and Technology

I thrive off of learning, I love learning and learning about learning. I don’t know why it took me this long, but this past weekend I attended a free class at the library. Kathy Slattengren creator of Priceless Parenting presented on Healthy use of Technology for Tots.

This is something I’ve thought a lot about over the past year or so. I got to hear Dimitri Christakis speak on media and children at the 2014 RIE ®Conference. If you want to check out his Ted talk, click here.

Some of the key things that Kathy reminded me about were:

  • Technology should not replace a teacher, interaction or process but should elevate it. It should take the learning and experience to the next level
  • The importance of noticing the difference between passive, non-interactive technology usage (watching TV) and interactive usage (this could be interactive with a game or with people)
  • We are models of how technology should be used appropriately
    • Like using it to enhance our own knowledge
    • Or using it to build a stronger relationship between you and your child by doing things together!
  • What’s the rush in teaching children how to use technology? Children are fast learners and they will catch up and figure out how to use it. Remember that technology is built to be easy to use

Some of the key words that kept coming up in my mind were:

  • Intentional
  • co-engagement
  • developmentally appropriate
  • balance
  • adult-child relationship
  • limits

When in doubt limit a child’s technology usage, be intentional about what type of technology it is, make sure it is elevating the experience and promoting co-engagement between you and your child or your child and a friend.

Let children be children and do what children do…..run, jump, skip, play……not sit in front of a screen


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