Children and Emotions

Being authentic while still leaving our feelings at the door

Being  authentic

One of the first things I learned in the education program was the importance of leaving our feelings at the door and focusing on the children. I agree with this and I feel like we should try to put our outside life, outside the classroom but there is a point where this can be come inauthentic. This past week was a little stressful for me, not work wise, but wedding planning wise. I don’t think I talk that much about my wedding at work and I really don’t have time to even think about it. So in a way I was leaving this stress at the door (only kind of because I did end up talking to my co-teacher about it) but it still followed me into the classroom in the form of seeking control.

Since I wasn’t feeling in control of my planning or of my stress I was looking to get control in other aspects of my life. Let me tell you it did not make me a very great, respectful or responsive teacher. The afternoons were pretty tough because I had more time to worry about all the other things in my life (I have NOTHING to worry about, I’m very blessed) and I would get really grumpy. One child asked me to hold something for them on the playground and we negotiated a little bit about it because I didn’t want to hold whatever it was. FOR REAL BECKY??!?!?!? It’s not that big of a deal just hold it or walk with the child back to the classroom so they can put it away.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is:

  1. It’s important to leaving your feeling and outside drama at the door
  2. It’s important to be in the classroom mentally, emotionally and physically
  3. It’s important to be AUTHENTIC so if you can’t do the above two let the children know you’re not feeling like yourself (in an appropriate way)

I feel after the negotiation period between me and the child on the playground I could have told them: “that was pretty different. I don’t normally tell you I won’t hold something. I’m feeling a little grumpy today. What do you think we could do with your coat?”

when in doubt be honest!

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