Facebook: Protecting children’s right to privacy

This post is more directed to teachers, caregivers, nannies, and anyone who works directly with children. I think that this post will also give parents somethings to think about. Just wanted everyone to know that I’m coming from a teacher perspective who works at a childcare center.

The past few weeks my co-workers and I have been talking A LOT about Facebook and posting pictures, quotes, stories and so on that feature children (I feel it’s totally unacceptable). We keep coming back to the idea of protecting the children and their right to privacy and posting on Facebook doesn’t do either of those.

Think about when you post on Facebook. You probably read over your post (or maybe not), you look over your photo to make sure everything looks the way you want it to and you only post the “good” ones. Think about that feeling you get when you see that someone has posted an awful picture of you or said a little too much about your personal life. How do you think a child would feel when you post on their behalf? They feel all the same feelings that we do. Maybe they are thrilled about the post or maybe they didn’t want everyone to hear about the “cute” thing they said today or for the whole world to see that picture of them on the playground. Before posting something featuring a child we have to ask ourselves: am I protecting this children’s right to privacy? Am I respecting them as another human being? Did I take their opinion into consideration? Am I respecting their family? How would their family feel if they saw this post?

Regardless of if it’s a positive post, the real question is, do I have a right to post it?

Side note: I know that have shared stories about the children in my class on this blog. I’m trying to move away from this. When I wrote those posts I changed the child’s name and try not to describe the child too much because I don’t want anyone to know who the child is. I’m a strong believer that something shouldn’t be posted if the children can be identified from the post. That’s just my opinion J

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