Children and Emotions

How much is too much?….control

My mom and I had a long car ride this weekend, she is a teacher also (first grade), so we got to talking about behaviors in the classroom. We have quite a few friends that are teachers or work in a school setting and if feels like everyone has been talking about how behavior problems… Continue reading How much is too much?….control

Improving my Teaching Practice

Sharing one of my pet peeves

I’ve been thinking about art experiences with toddlers a lot recently. In my class (children 21 months- 2.5 years) we have been offering more painting experiences lately. Something that really bothers me is writing or drawing on children’s work. I’m not really sure why it bothers me so much but it does! I think of… Continue reading Sharing one of my pet peeves

Improving my Teaching Practice

Power in our words: what words we use to describe children

I believe that the words we use to describe children, their behaviors, personalities and their emotions dictate how we view the child, respond and interact with them. We have to be careful to avoid using “negative” words when talking about a child. I strongly believe that when we speak these words we give them life… Continue reading Power in our words: what words we use to describe children



Some children naturally find ways to self-soothe, sucking on their thumb, other fingers, maybe a favorite blanket or lovey, rubbing silky tags between their fingers. Children are very creative! Some children need a little support figuring out what works and feels good for them. Some children find great comfort in using a pacifier and some… Continue reading Pacifiers?!