Why I LOVE babies

Why I LOVE babies

I love babies, I really do. I want people to know that I’m not baby crazy. I don’t want to be (and I won’t be) that person who makes silly faces at the baby, I won’t pinch their cheeks or tickle them or throw them in the air or make baby talk at them. Sure, sometimes I give in and squeeze chubby baby cheeks and thighs but this is NOT why I love babies.

I love babies because they are so new and so intelligent. I love holding a baby (when they want me to hold them) and talking to them about what they are looking at. I love talking to babies like they are real humans, with respect and a few parentees (because so much research says it’s good for language development). I love making eye contact with babies while we talk. I love waiting for a baby to respond to me in any way they choose and respecting them as a valuable conversation partner. I love having joint attention with babies and letting them tell me what they are interested in and going from there. I love laying babies on the floor and sitting close to them so I can watch how and what they explore.

I love babies because they are initiators of their own learning, great observers, intelligent, capable human beings that are deserving of our respect and with them they bring a sense of wonder and amazement for all that they can do.



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