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Teacher Stress

The Stress of Being a Teacher - Advocate for Infants

Over the past few weeks I have felt extremely stressed out. We ended a school year, the new school year will start very soon, and there have been many changes in my work and personal life. Since I began teaching I have discovered that I carry stress in my jaw. Sometimes I don’t think that I’m stress but my jaw tightens up and then I know that I have to do something to calm down.

There are a million things a teacher can stress about. Our jobs are not easy so it’s important to have a system for distressing. We also have to remember that our stress not only affects us it also affects our work, the children in our class and the people around us. Here are a few ways that I handle my stress:

  • I have to vent. I feel that once I complain about something (sometimes) this helps me to see if I’m being irrational. It allows me to get my feelings out and then move on.
  • I need a good cry. Once I get all of my tears out then I feel refreshed and ready to work again.
  • I stay organized and try not to get behind on work (documentation pieces, reading or other classroom paper work). Sometimes the only way for me to distress is to get everything done, no matter how long it takes.
  • I exercise regularly. If I start thinking about work while I’m working out I can get fired up again but after my workout is over I feel less stressed.

This year the last day of school was last Friday and we have this week for professional development. The school closes and the children have the week off but the teachers come in for meetings and classroom prep. This is always a very busy, overwhelming time. This year our leadership team brought in a yoga instructor for us. I really enjoyed it. I’ve taken a yoga class before but it’s not my go to form of exercise or stress reliever. I felt so much better after the session that I’m going to try to go to a class once a week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add yoga to my list of ways to distress.

I want to know how you distress, teacher or not, it’s important and who knows, the ways you distress might REALLY help someone else unwind.

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