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Check in #2: don’t forget to celebrate!

Don't forget to celebrate--Advocate for Infants
Don’t forget to celebrate–Advocate for Infants

After writing my last check in post, I felt pretty discouraged. I felt like I wasn’t a great teacher and that I should have been more successful at approaching testing behaviors in a new calmer way. This week, we had very few children so there were less testing behaviors and I was able to stay calmer for longer. I also responded to more of these behaviors in a respectful way (I think) and was able to state the limit, acknowledge the child and follow through more often than I did the week before. Last Sunday I attended church and one of the pastors spoke about celebrations. She said that it’s important to celebrate the little things and not just the big obvious celebrations in our life. That same day, the morning devotion I got on my phone was about celebrations and how we should remember to celebrate even our small achievements. It was pretty clear that He was trying to send me a message.

I was thinking about this idea of celebrating the little daily accomplishments and I started to feel better about my teaching practice and how I have been handling testing behaviors. Sure, I might have some moments that are not so great but I should celebrate the times when I do state a limit very clearly or I stay calm though a tricky moment with a child. I feel it’s really important for teachers, to not only be reflective on their practice but also to celebrate even the small accomplishments they make. Maybe it’s changing a child’s diaper and you involve the child in the process or you slowed down when helping a child put on their shoes or you told a child that you were going to pick them up before you actually did it. Whatever it is for you it’s important to celebrate even the smallest things, especially on the days when it feels like nothing is going right there is always something that you can celebrate.

2 thoughts on “Check in #2: don’t forget to celebrate!

  1. Good Morning, Becky

    I received your most recent post and wanted to introduce myself and ask a question of two if that is all right. I studied with Magda Gerber in the late 1970’s and early 80’s and beyond. Did the original RIE I and RIE II Foundations.. I have had child care centers and Family child care centers for 30 plus years…I love your blog..and thank you for for “liking my blogs”

    I read your blog today and was wondering about assessments and what you had to do for the infants in your care. I notice you have the RIE web site on your blog and Janet’s blog as well…would love to get to know you better…and exchange blog posts…If you have a moment would love to hear from you. I would love to have you “like” our Essence of Childcaring FB page as well as our Little River School FB page. I will wait to hear from you,

    ROseann Murphy (I have a FB page as well 🙂


    1. Hi Roseann!

      Thank you so much for following my blog and commenting! When you started following me last week I was so excited, I told my family all about it 🙂 It’s a really great feeling when you connect with someone else who is inspired by Magda’s work. Even cooler that you got to work with her.

      I currently work at a child care center in an older infant classroom. There are 6 children ages 16-23 months and I work with two co-teachers. We use observation and documentation instead of assessments and we create portfolios for the children (well for the families). We also have parent-teacher conferences in the middle of the year.

      I would also love to get to know you better! Did you attend the RIE conference this year? I was there and was wondering if maybe we ran into each other. Of course, I will find you on Facebook and like all of the pages. The more people inspired by Magda in my life, the better!


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